Michelle Kinman
Environment California
Clean Energy Advocate

Michelle Kinman is our Clean Energy Advocate, managing priority campaigns for greater expansion of clean energy solutions in California and a reduced reliance on dirty and unsafe energy resources such as oil, natural gas and nuclear power.

She recently co-authored the report "Will Solar Have a Home in California: Ending Net Energy Metering Would Put the Residential Solar Market at Risk" and authored "Solar in the Southland: The Benefits of Achieivng 20 Percent Local Solar Power in Los Angeles by 2020." She has been interviewed on numerous television and radio programs, including NBC News Conference and Fox's Money with Melissa Francis, and has been quoted by news outlets including the Los Angeles Times, San Francisco Chronicle, San Jose Mercury News and the Associated Press.

Michelle co-founded and from 2003-mid-2011 served as Deputy Director of Crude Accountability, an environmental justice organization that works with communities negatively impacted by oil and gas development in the Caspian Sea region. She began working in the Caspian in 1997 to ensure that the concerns of local communities were heard and addressed by decision-makers in the international arena, particularly the World Bank and oil companies.

Michelle holds a graduate certificate in Environmental Policy and Management, with an emphasis on Energy and Sustainability, from the University of Denver, and a BA in International Studies and Russian Language and Literature from Washington University in St. Louis. She lives in the Los Angeles area.