Big Oil is targeting California

It's the worst idea ever. Big Oil wants to use millions of gallons of our water, lace them with toxic chemicals, and frack for oil from Sacramento to L.A. If we let oil companies unleash this hugely-controversial drilling process—along with a number of other water-intensive extreme drilling techniques—we’ll be in for an environmental nightmare.

Wasting water we don't have

During the worst drought in California’s recorded history, the last thing we should do is let fracking operations waste and endanger our water supplies.

According to the U.S. Energy Administration, oil companies could drill as many as 25,000 fracking wells in our state—each one using nearly 10 times more water than a typical California family in one year.

Fracking also laces water with known cancer-causing chemicals, emits global warming pollution, and turns open space into industrial zones. We need to come together right now to ban fracking. Take action now.

Time is running out

Your activism and our advocacy are a powerful combination. Gov. Jerry Brown needs to take a stand on this, but he’s leaning the wrong way.

That’s why we’ve launched a major grassroots campaign, and to kick it off, we need to mobilize the public behind a ban on fracking in California before it’s too late. Join the thousands of Californians who have already sent a message to the governor.

Together, we can ban fracking in California

Our staff have been knocking on doors across the state to educate Californians about what’s at stake. We’re also testifying in Sacramento, educating lawmakers, and shining a spotlight in the media on the need to ban fracking in California. But the real key to winning this fight is you.

We know our work makes a difference. It was grassroots opposition that forced New York’s Gov. Andrew Cuomo to reconsider his support for fracking. Now we need to build the same kind of opposition here in California to show Gov. Brown that he should continue his environmental legacy and not sacrifice our environment to enrich the oil industry.

We're building a movement

In addition to our massive grassroots outreach, Environment California has been hosting “Fracktivist Trainings” across the state, teaching critical campaign skills to everyday Californians who want to get involved in the fight against fracking. From Sacramento to Los Angeles, we’ve taught more than 100 Californians ways that they can build support for a ban on fracking. We’re building the anti-fracking movement in California day-by-day and making sure our decision makers get the message loud and clear: Californians don't want fracking in our state. Take action here.


Issue updates

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California leads on cutting carbon: Now Nation stands to follow

Oakland, CA- As international leaders prepare for the United Nations Climate Summit next week in New York, a new study shows that if the United States’ fleet of coal- and gas-burning power plants were a country, it would be the 3rd-largest carbon polluter globally, behind the US as a whole and China. Environmental advocates and Oakland City Councilmembers Dan Kalb, Libby Schaaf, and Rebecca Kaplan pointed to the data to support proposed limits on carbon pollution from power plants nationwide.

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Million Electric Vehicles Bill Heading to Governor

The California Senate has concurred with provisions adopted by the Assembly yesterday and cleared the Charge Ahead California Initiative (SB 1275, De León) for the governor’s signature.

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California Assembly Passes Million Electric Vehicles Bill, Rebates for Low-Income Californians

The Charge Ahead California Initiative (SB 1275) cleared a critical hurdle today in passing the California Assembly by a vote of 46-23, putting the measure in a strong position to become law. The Senate, which overwhelmingly supported the bill authored by Senate President pro Tem-elect Kevin de León (D-Los Angeles) in May, is expected to cast the final vote this month and send the bill to Governor Edmund G. Brown for signature.

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Assembly Appropriations Passes Bill to Speed Adoption of Electric Vehicles in Every Community

SACRAMENTO – The Assembly Appropriations Committee weighed in with support for the Charge Ahead California Initiative (SB 1275 - De León) on Thursday, bringing the state one step closer to adopting a goal of putting one million electric vehicles on California roads in ten years, and reinforcing provisions that guarantee that low- and middle-income Californians are full participants in the Golden State’s clean vehicle future. 

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Lighting the Way

The Top 10 states with the most solar electricity installed per capita account for only 26 percent of the U.S. population but 87 percent of the nation’s total installed solar electricity capacity. These 10 states – Arizona, California, Colorado, Delaware, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico and North Carolina – possess strong policies that are enabling increasing numbers of homeowners, businesses, communities and utilities to “go solar.”

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