The latest sign of a sick ocean

For too long, we’ve ignored the signs that something is terribly wrong with the ocean. The latest sign?  Over a thousand sick sea pups are washing ashore. As scientists investigate, we need to do what we can to help the sea lions survive now and push for long-term protections of the Pacific so we can prevent disasters like this in the future.

Time is running out

Biologists have said they haven’t seen anything like this in 40 years. Shelters that usually take in 10 or so pups each spring are now being asked to take in hundreds.

That’s why we’ve launched this special project: Sea Lion Rescue. We’ve set a goal of raising $25,000 in the next few weeks to help the California Wildlife Center set up a temporary marine mammal shelter and provide additional space to save more sea lions immediately. This fund will also help Environment California’s research and advocacy to protect the Pacific and all its wildlife—a healthy and protected ocean will help prevent disasters like this down the line.

Together, we can save sea lions and protect the Pacific

Californians have already been helping out by calling local shelters when they find the pups that have washed ashore, and almost all of them have been taken in for safekeeping. But the shelters can’t keep up with the numbers. We need to take immediate action to expand Sea Lion Rescue and work to protect the Pacific from future tragedies. Please donate today.