Keystone XL approval is wrong direction

By facilitating the transportation of dirty tar sands fuels, Keystone would add 27.4 million metric tons of global warming pollution to our atmosphere per year. President Trump's executive order advancing the Keystone XL pipeline is definitely a step in the wrong direction. READ MORE.


Sunny Times for Solar Power, Except in L.A.

...there's a lot more work the DWP needs to do to help solar reach its enormous potential in Los Angeles -- this is a very sunny city and could be a beacon for clean development.

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News Release | Environment California Research & Policy Center

California Rooftop Solar Hits 1.5 Gigawatt Milestone

Today, California officials announced that over 1.5 gigawatts of solar power have been installed on rooftops throughout the state. This is roughly the equivalent of three medium-sized coal-fired power plants.

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News Release | Environment California


“Fracking is an environmental nightmare for California,” said Dan Jacobson, legislative director for Environment California. “We are calling on Governor Brown to wake up and stop fracking before it gets out of control.”

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News Release | Environment California

Protect the Pacific Crest Trail

Environment California and 94 groups released a letter to President Obama calling for lasting protections for the Pacific Crest Trail from development. The letter details how Congress’ annual raiding of the Land and Water Conservation Fund has left a legacy of backlogged conservation needs. In California, the Pacific Crest Trail and many other parks are facing increased threats from developers. To prevent huge developers from threatening California’s environment, President Obama must address the undercutting of our nation’s premier fund for land and water protection.

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Environment California calls for marine sanctuary expansion

Environment California Research & Policy Center calls on the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to add 2,770 square miles of ocean to existing marine sanctuaries along the northern California coastline. The expansion would protect the nutrient upwelling sites that power the food web within the existing sanctuary. The upwelling feeds diverse populations of sea birds and marine mammals, including blue whales, Stellar sea lions, seven species of threatened and endangered seabirds, and five species of sea turtles.

Keep reading to see our coalition's letter to NOAA!

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