We banned the bag in 100 communities.

In 2013, more cities and counties stood up to protect Pacific wildlife and passed bans on single-use plastic grocery bags. Now, more than 90 communities in California, from Marin to Los Angeles, are living bag free. Thanks to citizen support, California now has a network of 124 underwater state parks that protect our coast and wildlife.

News Release | Environment California Research and Policy Center

Energy Efficient Buildings Would Reduce Global Warming Pollution

Santa Monica, CA - California families could save over $450 every year on their electricity bills by 2030 if the government invests in the energy efficiency of our buildings today, according to a new report by Environment California.  Saving energy in our buildings would also help California’s fight against global warming, reducing global warming pollution from buildings by 35% – the equivalent of taking 12.6 million cars off the road.

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Report | Environment California Research & Policy Center

Fukushima: One Year Later

The Fukushima Daiichi disaster raised fresh concerns about the safety of America’s nuclear power plants and the wisdom of building new nuclear power plants in the United States. One year after the deadly earthquake and tsunami that spawned the meltdowns at Fukushima, new information continues to emergy about the events that took place at Fukushima and the implications for the people of Japan and the future of nuclear power.

This issue brief provides an update on the situation at Fukushima on the first anniversary of the disaster.


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News Release | Environment California

Over 75 California Leaders Say “Yes” to Solar Power

To date, 8 Members of  Congress, 35 Members of the California State Legislature, and 38 local officials have endorsed Governor Brown's goal to build 12,000 megawatts of local, distributed energy throughout the state by 2020.

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Dana Point is One Step Closer to a Ban

The City Council moved one step closer banning plastic bags, giving the ordinance the second of three approvals it needs for adoption at its meeting Tuesday night.

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Cities Support the San Mateo Regional Ban

The City of Belmont recently decided to join the regional bag ban effort in San Mateo County. Foster City will discuss it next Tuesday and the City of Millbrae is the only city in the County jurisdiction the have passed thier own ordinance.


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