From Alameda to Yountville, we're saying "YES" to electric vehicles

To date, over 250 current and recent mayors, city council members and county supervisors from Oakland and Fresno to San Fernando and Chula Vista, have signed on to endorse Gov. Jerry Brown’s vision to place 1.5 million zero emission vehicles on California’s roads by 2025. By accelerating the deployment of clean vehicles, we can clean up our air, reduce global warming pollution, improve public health, save Californians money at the pump and stimulate economic growth.

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Clean, Localized, Renewable Energy Can Power California

Environment California Research & Policy Center prepared this series of factsheets to provide information about local energy technologies that are well-suited to help California reduce its dependence on fossil fuels and achieve a clean energy future.

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Our Response: Brown's State of the State Address

In Governor Jerry Brown’s State of the State Address delivered today, energy solutions, like solar and wind power, and transportation alternatives, like high-speed rail, were featured prominently as ways to keep California moving toward a brighter future.

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Two more cities ban plastic bags

The Cupertino City Council and Glendale City Council each voted unanimously tonight to bar stores from distributing single-use plastic bags within their respective city limits. The vote came after lengthy comment from residents, activists, and public officials in enthusiastic support of the ban.

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Two plastic bag ban votes tonight!

Glendale, located in Los Angeles County, and Cuptertino, located in Santa Clara County will vote tonight on plastic bag bans.

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MILESTONE: California Solar Initiative Installs 1 GW On Rooftops

Last week, California officials announced that the state’s California Solar Initiative (CSI) has hit a new milestone, with over 1,000 megawatts (or one gigawatt) of solar projects installed on rooftops throughout the state. This is roughly the equivalent of two medium-sized coal-fired power plants or one nuclear plant.

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