New video shows the science of fracking

Why is fracking such a terrible idea for California? Learn more about the science behind the dirty drilling in this new video and take our action calling Gov. Brown to shut the door on fracking in our state for good. 

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Over 100 California Leaders Call for More Solar

A growing number of state leaders are calling for the bright spot in California’s economy—solar power—to keep shining.  A bipartisan group of more than 100 elected officials from up and down the state have now endorsed Governor Brown’s goal of installing 12,000 megawatts (MW) of clean, localized power by then end of the decade as part of his “Clean Energy Jobs Plan.”

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Dan Jacobson, Legislative Director for Environment California, highlights three indicators to judge whether Governor Brown’s May revise is good for the environment

Here are three indicators to determine if the May revise, scheduled to be released on Monday May 14th, will be good for California’s environment:

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State Regulators Raise Existing Cap on Solar 'Net Metering'

"This is a huge victory for California's environment, jobs and secure energy future," said Michelle Kinman of Environment California.

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Sacramento, CA. A new report by the Scripts Institute for Oceanography at the University of San Diego California shows that the North Pacific Gyre has 100 times more plastic than previously estimated.  (See report here http://scrippsnews.ucsd.edu/Releases/?releaseID=1271).

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Toxic Flame Retardants | Dan Jacobson

We have been fighting for YEARS to reduce our exposure to dangerous chemicals. For too loing we have seen stories about dirty air, polluted water, and toxics in our home- even in our cribs and baby products. How very frustrating.

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