The California environmental movement today declared its unanimity in calling on Gov. Jerry Brown to halt fracking in the state. Environmental leaders sent a letter signed by more than 70 environmental and health organizations to the governor urging him to be a true climate leader and place a moratorium on dangerous and extreme oil extraction processes. The letter’s signatories include national organizations such as the Natural Resources Defense Council, the Sierra Club, Center on Race, Poverty & the Environment and, as well as statewide groups including the California Nurses Association and Californians Against Fracking, a coalition of about 200 organizations.

Salvador Torres started working with American Solar Direct as an installer just a few months ago. For him, solar is a second career. Before enrolling in the “Renewable Energy Technician: Solar PV Installation and Maintenance” program at L.A. Trade Tech, Salvador spent 15 years working in the office of his father’s used car dealership. By the time his father retired, Salvador was ready for a change.

The Marine Exchange is housed in a small hilltop building in Angel’s Gate Park in City Council District 15. Blessed with steady winds and reliable sunshine, it is perfectly positioned to generate its own power. In 2012, the Marine Exchange installed four wind turbines and 286 solar panels, enough to produce 87 kilowatts of energy during times of peak production. The wind turbines and most of the solar panels are located on the building’s roof; additional panels are placed on the ground around the building. Wind and solar now meet all of the Marine Exchange’s electricity needs, with some power leftover to feed back into the grid.

This week: two more cities vote on plastic bag ban

By | Nathan Weaver
Oceans & Preservation Advocate

Los Gatos and El Cerrito will both vote on plastic bag ban ordinances this week.